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As a child, I was lucky to have parents who introduced me to the world of literature and the power written word. I was hooked, almost instantly to stories like a very important. Fact, fiction, I don’t care. Some of my best memories as a very young child, growing up, were being read to. Now that I’m an adult (believe it or ), that’s what this page is truly aboutI’m sure many of you are wondering, I’ve been forced, by events, circumstances, both good and bad, both appreciated when looking at the big picture & thinking about I like to write. I’m not very good, yet. At least, I do not have the confidence that I would imagine a good writer would have. However, I am hoping to be good some day. Writing runs in my family to some degree, you might say. On both sides, mother’s side as well as fathers.

Stick around as there shall be more on this later. I have a feeling this WordPress project, this page (ASBT) is just getting started.


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Jonathan L. McLendon

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