Convenience & Complacency

I was using H-E-B’s online grocery delivery service when it suddenly occurred to me how easily we take these kinds of things for granted.
And it’s not just groceries! Every day, people everywhere use apps on our smartphones without giving much thought to how much technology has made our lives easier. Apps to help us get from A to B despite not owning a vehicle. Apps that allow us to get groceries delivered to our front door only hours after sending for them, or just a couple of items from the drug store. Schedule a haircut, doctor’s appointment, order food, beer, wine, find someone to walk my dog, lock and unlock the doors to your home, turn the lights off and on, change the temperature inside your home, fridge, Now, if there’s something you want, or need, just say – and all with just a couple taps, and swipes on my cell phone.
Of course, these are a few ways tech is adding a factor of convenience that is changing the way we do things for everyone.
You may be reading this thinking,
“Yeah, duh, author, we know this. What’s the point of this article?”
To which I would have to reply, if there is a point to any of this, it might be something like this:
We live in an “on-demand” age. We can have just about anything brought to us, immediately, at the press of a button. It’s easy to forget how good we have it and become complacent, leading to feelings of entitlement. Left unchecked, this can cause feelings of unfulfillment- even though we have everything we want, or think we wanted.
Let’s not forget the simple joys in life. Maybe put down Facebook and pick up a real book. Instead of checking emails, check in on your friends & family. (Using something besides social media, if only every now & then.
Then again, what do I know? I’m just a 30-year-old “millennial.”
: P

Published by A Story Being Told

This is about me trying to get better as a writer. The first lesson in that is learning not to give a shit what your readership's opinion of you, the author is. The point is for you the author to disappear and let the story become the focal point. Well, that has been the lesson I have learned through this "project". I hope to become better, and am trying to get better at getting what is inside of my head to come out of my fingers and onto the screen/paper. Thanks for wasting a few moments of your life reading that rather self-centered view. Oh, did I mention I hate having things "About Me"? It's a bit of dry humor. Allow it a moment to see if it sinks in. If not, it was a bit of shite. Stick around, if you can bear it. I promise I do have some good stories to tell. Not only mine but revisiting others. Which is way more fun for me to do anyway.

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