Texas’ beloved native son, poet, and one of a kind iconic badass, Willie Nelson explains how he quit smoking cigarettes, his experience with pills and fame, and how he was introduced to marijuana.

Willie Nelson explain how he quit smoking cigarettes, his experience with pills and how he was introduced to marijuana.

I tried a hundred times to quit smoking. By the time I actually did quit smoking ciragettes, I had already started smoking pot, which I picked up from a couple ofold musician buddies that I had run into in Fort Worth. The first time I smoked pot I kept waiting for something to happen. I kept puffing and puffing, waiting for something to happen., but nothing happened. So I went back to cigarettes and whiskey, which made shit happen. As I started playing the clubs around Texas, I ran into pills: the white crosses, the yellow turnarounds, and the black mollies. I never liked any of the pills or speed, because I didn’t need speed; I was already speeding. So I quit everything but pot. Cigarettes were the hardest. My lungs were killing me from smoking everything from cedar post to grapevine, but I wasn’t getting high off the cigarettes, so it was good-bye Chesterfields, and I haven’t smoked since. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The day I quit, the day that I decided that I was through with fucking cigarettes, I took out the pack of cigarettes, that I had just bought, opened it, threw them all away, rolled up twenty joints, replaced the twenty Chesterfields, and put the pack back in my shirt pocket, where I always kept my cigarettes, because half of the habit, for me, was reaching for and lighting something.

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musing’s from the Road’

by Willie Nelson

Forword by Kinky Friedman

Illustrations by Jacob Micha Nelson (Willie’s Son)

Published by A Story Being Told

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