Election Night: 2016

Brextin, the Chicago Cubs and Donald J. Trump.  Does it get much crazier than this? Am I in some kind of dream? As I direct my gaze into the television and pan back over again to the familiar faces at a small gathering of friends and family, I get the feeling that I’m not the only person in the room who is asking themselves the same questions. I’m hearing from one panelist that there will be a huge sense of disbelief and even despair on Wednesday morning Nov. 9 2016. By another it is being compared to “a hangover after a three day bender when you wake up, your clothes are off and your bank account is gone.”

Even Republicans, moderates and libertarians have many concerns. Public policy. National security issues. Does someone who has been “the boss” to so many people for his entire adult life have the right combination of grace, strength humility and confidence that it takes to be able to work across the aisle as well as within the party and with other nations to take us to the place we need to be in order to thrive and prosper as a country united in 2017? Maybe not. Maybe we will all be worse off  in four or maybe it could be the end of life as we all know it. Indeed, there is much controversy over this election. Either way you look at it, whatever political party you support, at the end of the day we are all Americans and I think that it’s uncertain times like these that it’s more important than ever we stand united together as a country. But whether you decide to jump ship and look for a life in another land or stick it out and make the most 6f it, join me in hoping and praying for and even believing that we our country is going to be one of unity and prosperity moving into the future.

 J. L. McLendon

Published by A Story Being Told

This is about me trying to get better as a writer. The first lesson in that is learning not to give a shit what your readership's opinion of you, the author is. The point is for you the author to disappear and let the story become the focal point. Well, that has been the lesson I have learned through this "project". I hope to become better, and am trying to get better at getting what is inside of my head to come out of my fingers and onto the screen/paper. Thanks for wasting a few moments of your life reading that rather self-centered view. Oh, did I mention I hate having things "About Me"? It's a bit of dry humor. Allow it a moment to see if it sinks in. If not, it was a bit of shite. Stick around, if you can bear it. I promise I do have some good stories to tell. Not only mine but revisiting others. Which is way more fun for me to do anyway.

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