Crohn’s Disease/Medicine pt. I

   ​Judge thee as you will, and you certainly will. But as an observationalist, I cannot ignore this any longer. I keep seeing folk’s reaction to me using Cannabis; the natural, God given medicine, grown from the earth, etc… I guess it’s most likely that I just never noticed before but I can’t help but laugh to myself when I see people living their own deceptive, hypocritical lives and then look at me smoking medicinally (not that it matters much either) in my own private lot, and you would have thought they had seen their own ghost. I guess that being in Boulder, in that judgement free take of the earth environment grew on me more profoundly than I’d previously realized. And I get that this is a totally different subject, by definition, in Texas, more than ever before. Even here in Austin, the sort of liberal at the party that is the statehood of Texas.
#crohnsdisease, #IBS #crohn’sdisease, #crohnsandcolitis

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